Indicators and 

At-Risk Individuals: Conneting the Dots

Do you have a way to see ALL of the Indicators (warning signs, red flags, suspicious activities, concerning behaviors, etc.) and ALL of the At-Risk Individuals in your organization (school, university, workplace, government agency, etc.) and those At-Risk Individuals in your community that could be a risk to your organization and your people?  The DEMO will show you how this is possible and why it is vital to safety because when you don’t know what you need to know, really bad things can happen.

Attention Leaders

Awareity is dedicated to helping you connect the dots and get on the right path to save lives, reputations, and bottom lines.


State & Community 

Governor, Attorney General, Public Safety, Mayor, City Council Member, County Board Member, etc.


Superintendent, Dean, School Board Member, Chancellor, Trustee, etc.

Law Enforcement

Our experts specialize in the study of sound and help you understand how you can improve your listening without needing hearing aids.



Healthcare, Financial, Industrial, Retail, etc.


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A Pathway to Prevention

The Pathway to Prevention is the way of the future because At-Risk Individuals on a pathway to violence (as seen below) combined with utilizing conventional, outdated, manual processes is clearly not working. 

Automating the Pathway to Prevention is an even better way to prove that safety really is your highest priority for your school, organization, and community.  The DEMO will show how this is possible and how you can take advantage immediately.

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